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Link Building Tips to Increase Your Website’s Credibility

Link Building SEO Bedford

Links are a big factor in search engine rankings.

Generally the more links to your website, the higher it will rank in search engines. Each vote is a little bit like a vote of confidence in the eyes of the search engines.

Here are a 5 quick tips to keep in mind while building links to your website;

1. Social media links from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are more important now than they used to be. So try and include these mediums when generating links.

2. Another place to look for links is in the descriptive caption underneath images. Rarely used, these spots are of value.

3. Don’t forget about internal links within your own website. This means linking form one page to another on your website.

Whilst they don’t carry as much weight as external links, they do help!

4. Links within content tend to have more value than links from navigation.

For example, a link in the footer below is not as important as a link from within this article.

5. Beware of buying links!

Even Google fell foul of this rule. When it was highlighted that Google had inadvertently bought links, they punished themselves by dropping the ranking of their own web page.

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You’re free to share these tips on your website, we just ask that you link back to our site as credit.


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