72% of Web Users Choose Organic Search Results.

At the weekend the Sunday Times business section included a long article on Search Engine Optimisation and how its popularity is growing in the UK. Fredrick Marckini, the chief global-search officer at Isobar commented in the article that:

“Research shows 72% of web users click on natural listings thrown up by search engines and not on pay per click ads”.

Thus proving that websites do need to have a presence in the natural or organic search results. This mistrust of paid adverts mean that spending on SEO grew faster than pay-per-click online advertising — also known as paid search — for the first time in Britain last year.

The specialist online site E-consultancy said

“Spending on SEO increased by 68% to £250m in the UK last year, compared with a 56% rise in pay-per-click spending to £1.97 billion”.

With over 200 different factors are used by the various search engines to decide where to rank a website, it is important to have experienced search engine optimizers working on a site to continually to improve the site and also to monitor any changes required by change to the search engines algorithms – which can change on a weekly basis.

An example for one of our clients Legal Services UK, a will writing specialist we managed to increase the visits to the site by 4 times and to achieve page one rankings for some very competitive terms for example “will writers”

APRIL 2007
•    16 page 1 results in the major search engines
•    0 page results in Google UK
•    Visits – 510

March 2008
•    125 page 1 results in the major search engines
•    45 page 1 results in Google UK
•    30 position 1 results in Google UK
•    Visits – 2,232


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