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36% don’t realise Google Adwords are Adverts

Research highlights that over a third of people who use Google Search are unaware that their ad's are actually advertising!


According to Bunnyfoot research, 36% of users are not aware that Google’s paid adverts, known as Adwords, are actually adverts at all.

Google Adwords


What does this mean?

Google Adwords is an effective route to accessing your online target audience and of course it has almost instant effect, unlike natural SEOThis research suggests over a third of people click these adverts thinking they are Google’s ‘best results’ for the given keywords.

The other 64% or searchers are aware that the results are adverts, but can make an informed decision as to whether they should click the advert.
There is a good case to consider Google Adwords as part of your marketing mix, of course as with anything online, the metrics need to be looked at closely and the campaigns need ongoing tinkering to achieve the very best results.

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