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3 Factors to consider BEFORE buying links

Quality inks to your website are known to help your website rank well in search engines. There are now tools that you can buy to assist you gain links. Here are some factors that are necessary to be checked before purchasing any link exchange script, software or join any link exchange program, membership. With these 3 quality factors you can be sure that you will use quality link exchange solutions on your web sites.

The link exchange market is very big. As a result, there are vast numbers of scripts, software, solutions, communities and programs that help to reach success with link building. Many of the tools are already lagging behind in the 20th century and their automation no longer meets modern standards of search engines.

Many aspects of link building can be automated without any loss of quality. Everything depends upon how exactly this automation is done and what aspect of link building is being automated. Yes, there are many different ways of link building, and I don’t mean – one way, reciprocal or three-way links. I mean the quality of link building. Many people still think that it is enough just to pile links on homepages. With this approach no automation will help.

Today primitive link building is useless. Period!

Still, those who understand exactly what search engines love, can succeed with automation and quality link exchange.

Preventing mistakes when buying a link exchange tool?

To be ready to choose a professional tool, you must understand what factors to consider and why these factors are so crucial.


Link exchange tool must build professional, SEO-boosted link exchange directories.

Of course, the value of links is not only in SEO, but losing the chance to get higher in search rankings is the same to wasting huge potential. That is why when link exchange solution is automatically adding relevant content to link pages, is automatically naming URLs of categories with your keywords, is automatically using keywords in meta – the chances for success with this type of pages is much bigger. Search engines love when good links are blended into good, relevant content.


Link exchange tool must have REAL partner-searching algorithm.

Otherwise you will see all possible junk among your partners. Hint: simple search on keyword in search engines will not help; many sites misrepresent, others don’t know how to present their sites. All this will result in sports sites in your investment link exchange directory.

Surely, the relevancy of link partners needs to invent special partner-finding algorithm from the inventors of link exchange solutions, but heck if they are inventors – they will do it. If they cannot – they are cloning the tools that are already outdated and left in the previous century.


Link exchange tool must automate.

Or you are buried with work. You will hate link exchange, and without doing link exchange on regular basis your competitors will eat you.

It makes me laugh when the vendors are saying that you’ll have everything automated and when it comes down to using their tools – you do routine copy&paste, copy&paste, etc. Or when you need to create each category of your link directory manually.

Surely, not everything can be automated. But if you scale it, you will see that with good programming a big part of this job can be automated with no loss to quality. If you buy the tool, it should automate. Otherwise it is better just to buy link building services when other people do this job for you.


With these factors you are much more prepared to judge the quality of link exchange scripts and software. But this is not all.

Last hint: before purchasing any tool, try to find out how exactly the link pages are created by this tool look.

If you just see a typical pile of links, especially when there are no keywords in URLs of categories/subcategories and not keywords in title, and no automated + unique content – think twice. Perhaps you are looking at the tool of 20th century. And we are already living in a new millennium, when search engines and site visitors request more.

If you see that sites that use this tool look nice and have made some achievements in their niches – chances for you to get the same success are also very high.

Don’t lose hope; there are good solutions on the market. And now you know what to look at before buying them. So, you are well-armed.


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