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A blog for my business? Whatever next?

business blogMany people are unaware of the formidable potential a Blog can bring to their business. This is mainly due to the fact that many people think of Blogs as a ‘personal diary’ on the Internet.

Switched on organisations are now turning to Blogs to aid there business. Perhaps classing Blogs as ‘secrets’ is a little strong, but certainly establishing a Blog now, can pay huge dividends now and in the future for your business.

What can I gain from a Business Blog?

The list varies dependant on your business objectives, but here are a few suggestions;

Internet Traffic from Search Engines like Google

Business Blogs when developed correctly, are like food and drink to search engines like Google. Blogs are updated regularly, so create lots of fresh content, which attracts the search engines to visit and list their content more often.


A Brand is not your logo, your brand is how your customers, suppliers, staff, and prospects view you. The look of your blog is obviously important, but it is what you say that can build your brand and what better and easier way to do this, than through a Blog?

Selling Product or Service

If you have a product or service to sell, your Business Blog can promote it. One of the best methods of using your Business Blog to help sell, is by developing your audience based on your topics, gaining credibility, whilst gently exposing your product or service.

Sharing Your Message

Due to the way a Business Blog is setup, every time you post new content, it can be shared with the world via RSS. RSS is a very common way for Internet users to subscribe to information at a touch of a button. It means that when you post information, subscribed visitors will automatically know that your Business Blog has been updated.


Business Blogs can develop strong relationships with their audience, they are approachable. Because of this, visitors interact with your Business Blog. They can do that by leaving a comment, voting on a poll or survey, or simply by emailing you. They can build an environment where you share ideas, news, or opinions on your topic.

This is just a generic list of some of the ways businesses are benefiting by Blogging. There are of course many ways you can benefit from blogging your business.
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