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1 Million .EU Domains Registered Since Friday

There are now more than 1.3 million registered .eu domain names, following Friday’s open shop. Friday was when any EU based person, or organisation had the opportunity to register their domain.

It really was a land rush with applications being made at an average speed of 76 per second.

At the time of publishing this article, the countries leading the table were:

Germany 419,503
Britain 270,105
Holland 154,371
Italy 81,289

About 1 million of the .eu domain names were registered since the general launch on Friday, with 335,000 of the applications being received during the sunrise period (by application prior to Friday), although 95,000 of these were duplicated.

Our own experience of the .eu availability has been one of annoyance. We registered our domain during the sunrise period and have landed it, however we also registered a couple of domains on Friday morning. The domain registration company we use, showed availability for two domain names we wanted, which we registered and paid for. However, it seems as though these names have not been allocated to us, despite them showing in our hosting package.

What’s frustrating is that had we known these domain names were not available, we could have looked for similar names. Now, anything close to the names we wanted has gone!

I wonder how many other people will have similar disappointments?

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