Many Web designers and marketers have a simple strategy to appeal to women: “Think Pink.” Often this is a good opening strategy if women are your target market because they do tend to favour pink and purple hues. But colour preferences are affected by a variety of factors other than gender, including age, personal bias, …read more →


FTSE 250 companies’ websites are slowly edging towards meeting the minimum legal Accessibility requirements. FTSE 250 companies seem to be discarding the financial incentives of making their websites available to an audience, estimated at having an annual spend of £80bn. B2B consultants Front of Mind’s survey of the FTSE 250 companies websites, highlight that just …read more →


Google has launched an experimental version of its search for visually impaired people. This not only presents its results in a manner that is more useful for screen readers and other tools used by disabled people. It will prefer accessible sites, to poorly designed sites. In general, sites which are accessible, are also search engine …read more →