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5 Social Video Tips to Promote Your Business


Social Video


Social video is big business with Facebook and Snapchat fetching over 8 billion daily video views. We must not forget YouTube’s 1 billion plus viewers who are also viewing hundreds of millions of hours of online video every day.

Making the best use of Social Video to promote your business can be simple and does not require a degree in film or a professional video team to make it work. If you are a small business owner with an iPhone, there’s an opportunity to make video work for you.

Any business that’s not utilising social video and promoting it on social media is missing out on a huge opportunity. Our guide ‘5 Social Video Tips to Promote Your Business’ will help you better understand the concept and where it will fit into your marketing plan.

1.Tell a story

One reason why video is so effective is because humans historically prefer storytelling when sharing information. The advantage of using video, enables you to have much more freedom in telling a visual story as opposed to using single photos. You will have a lot more content to work with by adding sound or visual copy.

2. Share Natively

We often see people using the same URL for a video across all of their various social channels, and while that may seem efficient, its actually not the best approach. Since native content hosted within the platform you are on – is always prioritised and optimised, you want to make sure that you’re uploading videos natively to all your different platforms, whether its You tube, Facebook, or Twitter. videos that are uploaded natively perform better than any other kind of content.

3.Use Text

One of our top tips is to make sure you use copy in your videos. It’s the best way to grab people’s attention when they scroll through their feeds, and can be effective even when your audience has the sound muted.

4.Be Part of the conversation

Timing is critical for social media. We often see great campaigns come about because their creators were able to respond quickly to something that was trending and contributed to the conversation in a timely manner. Stock imagery and video (like those from Animoto partner iStock by Getty Images) can be your secret time saving weapon in creating your video, so you can focus your efforts on telling that great story quickly rather than trying to take a bunch of photos or videos yourself.

5.Engage the Customer

People are more likely to share video campaigns that they feel involved in. An example of this happened in 2010, a response campaign was created by Old Spice to capitalise on the success of a previous video campaign. They worked alongside the production team and actor and after spending a couple of days responding to real viewers in video form, generated 40 million views, 1 billion impressions, and increased sales by 27 percent. A good example of how powerful a video campaign can be.

Use these 5 handy tips to kick start your video campaign and embrace the power of Social Marketing to promote your business.


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