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Hedgehog Digital: we’re an online marketing agency specialising in Web Design and SEO, we’re based in Bedford.

We’re a super friendly bunch of people who truly enjoy internet marketing.

We are renowned for cost effective, high impact work.

Please do get in touch to discuss your web design, SEO or other online marketing requirements.

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Our name Hedgehog Digital, did not come about because of a fetish we have about spiky haired, nocturnal, slug gobblers. Whilst we all love Hedgehogs, way back our boss thought the name sounded cool and it stuck!

our favourite joke?

Hedgehogs. Why can’t they just share the hedge?

5 hedgehog facts

1. Hedgehogs are named after their pig-like habit of rooting through the undergrowth for food.

2. Hedgehog’s mating ritual can be noisy and they may circle each other for hours.

3. Hedgehogs have a small tail.

4. Hedgehogs are ‘the gardener’s friend’ as they eat bugs like beetles and slugs.

5. Hedgehogs have up to 2 litters a year, of about 4 – 5 young.

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cutest youtube video about hedgehog’s

Link: Baby Hedgehog


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